How Technology Has Changed Commercial Brokerage Services

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In the last decade, the world witnessed several technological breakthroughs. These revolutionary changes became catalysts of change in almost every industry. According to statistics, the cumulative net spend on technology will reach $3.3 billion in the near future. One of the industries that have already felt this change is the commercial brokerage industry.

When an average person thinks of a commercial brokerage in America, they think of services like online commercial real estate listings. We assume that the industry has already been digitalized, yet technological developments like cloud-based storage services and communication software have only just started to make an entrance. New England Commercial Brokerage services have also felt the sudden shift to a more technology-conscious industry.

Co-Operative Brokers

Nowadays, thanks to the relationships New England Commercial Brokerage has been able to build in its illustrious 23 year long career, we offer co-operative brokers that can help our clients, even in states in which we are not licensed. Since we value the relationships we build with our clients and are ready to go to every length to provide exemplary service, we’ve become one of the leading names in the commercial real estate industry.

Buy Looking for Real Estate Listings

Technology has also changed things for the buyer’s end of the equation. Buyers or tenants looking for properties in the commercial real estate market can go online and use online listing services like CoStar and Loopnet. This gives the buyer extensive information on readily available prospects.

In today’s digital landscape, 80% of all customers search for commercial real estate properties online at some point in time. Half of all these search queries are from a mobile device.

Communication Solutions

Swift and fluid communication between buyer and seller is imperative for every business, let alone a commercial real estate brokerage business. Whether it’s a regular message or a broadcast in the case of emergency, communication software allows us to gather and analyze feedback a lot more efficiently. We can also add various templates into the mix depending on the goals and objectives of a specific client.

Wrapping Up

As technology evolves and improves the quality of life around us, New England Commercial Brokerage evolves side-by-side. Apart from the obvious changes in the commercial real estate industry, there are various transformations happening on the down-low that have the potential to revolutionize the industry forever.

Think e-signing services, online investment platforms, and the power of blockchain technology. As we continue to adapt to an ever-changing commercial brokerage industry, we continue to improve the services we can offer to our clients. The services and relationships we’ve fostered have been recognized all across America. To ensure you get the best deal, we research your acquisition requirements diligently and negotiate the best deals for you.

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